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My name is Anna and this is my journal. It's mostly a personal journal, so do expect some silly comments here and there (and everywhere).

some favorites...

currently my...
favorite singer/group: 2NE1
favorite actress: angelina jolie/kirsten dunst
favorite actor: bruce willis/alexander skarsgård
favorite movie: alien trilogy/blade trilogy/anything with guns+muscles+cars+blood+something out of the ordinary
favorite TV show: true blood/intervention
favorite book: anything by jacqueline carey (recently: Santa Olivia) + Jane Eyre
favorite colour: grey
favorite outfit: black + converse sneakers
favorite workout plan: dancing like a madwoman listening to my ipod + lifting weights
favorite destination: beach
favorite random quote: 'hope for the best, prepare for the worst'

If you are interested in following my story - feel free to comment to be added :)

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